My Little Pony: Tickling is Magic
Small note.

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I heard something about you having a deviantart. Can I has a link to it?

We’re trying to avoid anyone who would get on our case about the art we do here, because there are people who do stuff like that, sadly.

If you have a tumblr, or could make one, I’ll (E) gladly send you a link to mine through fanmail as soon as it will let me. I’m not sure about H, but I’ll ask her :)

Who does each pony like to be tickled most by?

The only one who even likes it that much is Pinkie Pie, and she doesn’t really care who does it.

The others just don’t really like being tickled that much. much.


I heard that quiet Fluttershy gets unbelievable aggressive when her feet are tickled. Is that right?

Aggressive? Mmm, not really.

Loud? You bet she does ;)

This is for either of you, could you draw Pinkie Pie being tickled by Fluttershy?


Howdy again! Oh is the most ticklish out of the Mane 6?

From most to least:
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash

hav u evar considered having a tickle machine


Request for Anon!

It had been a few months since Rainbow’s “training” session with Fluttershy, and it seemed to be in the past now. Everything had returned to normal, and Fluttershy was currently waiting outside the door to her friends home, a duffel bag and pillow in her arms. The door swung open, revealing Rainbow in a navy blue tank top and drifty ciel pants.
“Hey Fluttershy, come on in!”  And she did, smiling Fluttershy set her bag and pillow on the ground in the large living room. “Go ahead and change, I’ll go make popcorn.”
After a few minutes Fluttershy returned in yellow tank top, he pants were the same buttery yellow but covered in pink butterflies. Rainbow had already started the movie and had a mouthful of popcorn when Fluttershy sat next to her.
“What movie are we watching?” Fluttershy asked, nibbling a few pieces of popcorn. Rainbow Dash tossed one into the air and caught it in her mouth before answering.
“Hoot. It’s about protecting Owls or something, I dunno. Twilight said the book was good, and if it has animals of course you’ll like it.” The last was a bit teasing, but very true about her activist friend. The night continued as such, they watched the movie and liked it, played some random games (that Rainbow won all of) and soon enough they were both tuckered out ready for sleep.
Well. Fluttershy was.
Rainbow faked a yawn and snuggled into sleeping bag, waiting into the soft breath of her friend was surely asleep. Smirking she quietly slipped from her sleeping bag and lifted her friend ever so gently.
An hour later Fluttershy’s eyes opened slowly, wincing as they got used to the bright light. She tried to stretch her arms and legs, but blinked we she found they couldn’t move. Looking up she could see her arms restrained above her head, and peeking down best she could, her legs were in a similar position. She turned her head to the side to see her friend, smirking and leaning on the wall.
“Uh… Rainbow Dash? What… What’s going on?…” Rainbow Dash didn’t answer right away, walking closer to her friend first.
“Simple Fluttershy. I made a promise and I intend to keep it.” Ending her sentence with a poke, Fluttershy realized what Rainbow meant, and her squeak was much louder then it would have been.
“Oh no Rainbow please don’t!” Fluttershy begged, but it was ignored. Rainbow smirked and walked around her, plotting where to go first.
“Don’t worry Shy, I’ll be nice.” Rainbow teased, deciding on her friends under arms.Reaching forward she slowly stroked the pale, smooth skin, teasing the sides and scratching ever so lightly. It was still enough to make Fluttershy giggle and squirm.
“R-Rahahainbow p-plehehease! I’m t-tohohoho ticklish!” Rainbow ignored the begging again, focusing on teasing her friends delicate skin. Her long well kept nails scratched lightly at the shaven flesh. After a few minutes Rainbow pulled her hands away and walked around Fluttershy’s restrained frame, deciding to go to her delicate stomach next.
While Fluttershy spent much less time outside than Rainbow, she still had a bit of sun on her from naps she took with her animal friends in fields. Her stomach though, was creamy, pale and extremely sensitive. Smirking, Rainbow danced her tanner fingers over the quivering area, earning a steady stream of giggles that evolved into laughter. Grinning at this reaction Rainbow dipped her pinkie into FLuttershy’s navel, earning a shriek and higher laughter until it was removed. Rainbow continued this for a few minutes, dipping her pinkie a few times before going back to basic tickling. Too soon for her, and not soon enough for Fluttershy, she stopped, removing her hands from the trembling stomach.
“Where do you think I should go next Fluttershy? Your ribs? Feet? Sides?” Rainbow teasingly asked, picking up a feather and twirling it between her fingers. Fluttershy continued to regain her breath, not even noticing the new tool that was to be used on her.
Well, not until it was half an inch from her size ten feet.
“Wait Rainbow n-OHOHOHOHOHOOO! NAHAAHAHAHAT THEREEE!” Fluttershy squealed as the soft device was dragged over her foot, tickling every nerve it hit. Her laughter grew louder as the feather drew closer to her toes and sides of her feet. Taking notice of this Rainbow traveled up and down the side of Fluttershy’s foot with one hand while the other used the feather to tease her toes, simply tickling the tops of them when she tried to clench them. Fluttershy squealed again, her laughter ringing through the room as Rainbow grinned slyly, watching her laugh as her hands did the work. Once she thought sufficient revenge on Fluttershy’s feet had been dealt, she stopped and dropped the feather back onto the table, walking back up to Fluttershy’s torso. Fluttershy caught her breath, her no red and tear stained cheeks glowing as she cracked one eye open and looked at her friend in hope of this to end, only to see the waiting smirk of more to come.
The two sets of nimble fingers made a teasingly slow journey to Fluttershy’s ribs, something she watched every second of. Rainbow hadn’t even touched her yet and she was already giggling. When her hands made contact, a loud squeak followed by hysteric laughter erupted from the delicate girl, filling the room once more. Even if she had wanted to beg now, all her words were caught in her throat and swallowed by the tickling sensation in her rib cage. She could swear Rainbow was teasing her, but she couldn’t hear, or even process anything but laughter. Hours seemed to pass as her ribcage was tortured and teased before it finally ended. Fluttershy was still giggling, laughing as she calmed down and regained her breath and her thoughts. Rainbow had left at some point, and when she returned she held a glass of water in her hand. Walking to the table she quickly undid all the restraints and handed the glass over to a grateful Fluttershy, who gulped it down immediately.
Stretching her tired limbs, Fluttershy yawned, even more worn out than she was earlier.
“I think I’m gonna go back to sleep now. Night Rainbow.” Walking groggily back to the living room Fluttershy went back into her sleeping bag and was asleep again before her head hit the pillow. Rainbow followed her, smiling a bit as she saw her tired friend go back to bed, and doing the same herself.
Revenge completed.

I wanna see RAinbow Dash's revenge training of FLuttershy. (Both humans again and story again (ALso as a side note I tend to see Fluttershy as with bigger feets x3))

Annnnd it is done!

A request for anon~! Rainbow Dash tickled by the Mare-Do-Well! 
Rainbow flew a bit too fast and landed herself in a bit of a situation. Good thing the Mysterious mare was there to help her out, right? ;) heh heh.
Hope you like it!
(Stories are coming along, sorry for them taking so long though. I’ve been a bit stressed and writing is a lot harder to do when I am, while drawing is calming. Bare with me, they’ll all be done soon!)

A request for anon~! Rainbow Dash tickled by the Mare-Do-Well! 

Rainbow flew a bit too fast and landed herself in a bit of a situation. Good thing the Mysterious mare was there to help her out, right? ;) heh heh.

Hope you like it!


(Stories are coming along, sorry for them taking so long though. I’ve been a bit stressed and writing is a lot harder to do when I am, while drawing is calming. Bare with me, they’ll all be done soon!)